Christian must live!

Thanks to the spontaneous support of over 8,000 of people we received 665 844 US Dollar of donations until April 4th. THANK YOU!

Thanks for your ongoing sympathy, your donations & your support. This is really motivationg us.
You are unbelievable.

We want to send out a great Update in the upcoming weeks and talk about Christians therapy so far, the funding of his treatment and how we can proceed with your donations. To make you happy with a few words: it is all going well, we are very optimistic. We ask especially those of you who have donated: Please subscribe to our newsletter. ☺

Christian & Stefanie
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Christian must live

Goal for donations reached already in advance // Thank you from the bottom of our hearts

Dear friends, friends of friends and people who we do not know personally yet,

thanks to your spontaneous solidarity and your support, we achieved something incredible within a few days. You achieved something incredible for us. In less than two weeks you donated

624.004,93 Euros (Status 4th April 2017, 16.15 pm)

for Christian’s treatment. Altogether, over 8.000 people have been sending us money. This enables us to treat Christian with a medicament that has never been tested and licensed before for his specific disease. You have not only sent us money but also a huge portion of motivation. And you showed us, which beautiful aims people can achieve when everyone is caring.
What is happening now?
At the beginning of this week, we already started Christian’s treatment with a four times higher dose of Blincyto then usual. New results from a couple of days earlier showed that the tumor growth multiplied within a few days and that measures to reduce growth were not working anymore. Thanks to the overwhelming solidarity of so many people from about 20 countries we could start the treatment earlier than planned and thus, we were able to gain valuable time. Your willingness to donate gave us the needed power within a very short time. The first days of treatment are putting us in a positive mood, the medicine seems to do its job. We firmly believe that the next days and months will continue positively and that the treatment will be successful.
What is going to happen next?
Christian will receive the medicament until mid-/end of June – if everything keeps on going well. Afterwards, further steps such as radiation and stem cell donation are necessary to assure that not a single cancer cell will survive in his body. We cannot follow an established schedule anymore. Many things are “new territory” medical-wise. We take step by step while re-evaluating the situation and deciding which step is going to be the next one. One thing is sure, we are in the best hands. We are doing all we can. And we are already looking forward to the day when we can return to Munich.
What is going to happen with the money that we are not directly using for Christian’s treatment?
We have never expected to obtain the whole amount for the treatment within such a short time. We are overwhelmed and we are still looking for the right words to express our gratefulness. Everybody who contributed to this solidarity and helpfulness can be proud to be part of it. We don’t know most of the people personally who have been sending us money. And what is just as important: they have sent us motivation and showed us their solidarity spontaneously. During the last weeks we learnt, that there are other people in a similar situation then Christian. And it goes without saying that we won’t use a single euro from what you gave us for our private life. Whatever will be left after Christian is healed, we’ll find a way to use this money to open opportunities in treatments also for others who need it. Once we are past these challenging days, we will find a good purpose for this money and we’ll keep you updated. This may take some weeks and month, so thank you for your patience.
We are still checking all imaginable possibilities regarding financing the treatment. Of course, we are keeping everybody updated via our Facebook page as well as our website if any news concerning this matter come up. This may take a couple of weeks. In the meantime, we would like to ask for your understanding to respect our wish to abandon any new activities regarding media, social media, medical consulting or financing campaigns of any kind. We are very grateful for the unbelievable support and solidarity that we experienced in the past days. And we can hardly believe our luck to receive so much support from everybody. Now it is time that all persons involved fully can concentrate on the treatment and the healing of Christian we all hope for.

And this is only possible thanks to your support.
Thank you from the bottom of our hearts.

Stefanie Dörflinger & Christian Zeng